She was marvelous; by far, the best
Came prepared for each town hall and test
Always listening, showing how she could be growing
No matter the subject addressed

Her score card was simply unmatched
And she wasn’t too “cold” or “detached”
Understood small details, called out “too big to fails”
Before any red flags were dispatched

Liz could bring the whole party together
And took selfies in all kinds of weather
A terrific role model, but she didn’t coddle her students —
She’s tougher than leather

We saw that in every debate
And at hearings, the Senator’s great
All her brutal attacks were supported with facts
And in terms we could all illustrate

But now Warren is gone from our list
Hey girls, are you getting the gist?
If you’re smart, with a plan, they’ll just pick a worse man
And nevertheless, you’ll persist

“There once was a con man from Queens…” I do not stand with 45 and #Resist with a limerick each day.