We Occupied, to no avail
While they bet on banks too big to fail
And despite bad behavior, D.C. was their savior,
With nobody going to jail

Now Reddit gave them the Short Squeeze
Bringing billionaires down to their knees
Wall Street’s rigged it for years; now that they’re shedding tears
They all want regulations? Oh, please.

Dominion was safe and secure
Despite Giuliani’s grand tour
Said the votes were all tampered, so now he’ll be hampered
With debt; what an entrepreneur!

We’ll remember the fear he incited
And the strongmen he praised and invited
All his lies and self-dealings, the pardons, and feelings of
Dread as each office was blighted

We’ll remember impeachable acts
And the yes-men who covered his tracks
All the promises broken, and hate he awoke in
His base while distorting the facts

We’ll remember assaults on the press
And evading his own IRS
Travel bans, kids in cages, high stocks but low wages,
Each day was a new “SOS”

But the fact is, he made us remember
We knew the whole swamp, every member
With his vile ascension, we all paid attention
And showed up in droves last November

Yes, there once was a con man from Queens
But we showed him what “patriot” means
With our votes and our voices, our nation rejoices
Goodbye. Back to normal routines.

NRA had to fix their affairs
‘Cuz their assets? Just Wayne LaPierre’s
This bankruptcy filing has got me, well, smiling
But let’s send our best “thoughts and prayers”

Said Ivanka, “don’t use our commodes!”
Guess the Secret’s the Service’s loads?
While I wish it were funny, they burned through real money
By renting out neighbors’ abodes

This morning was hopeful and kind
With Georgia on everyone’s mind
Then the Congress’s job was cut short by a mob
Of Trump loyalists, as he designed

Yes, the President started a coup
“Stand back and stand by” was a clue
One woman was shot; the majority, not.
It’s amazing what white skin can do

Perdue/Loeffler, Republican leeches
Who cry “HOAX!” but can’t say where the breach is
And so Georgia, be heard; you gave Biden your word
A Blue Congress? As sweet as your peaches.

The Electoral College Affirms:
Biden won, in no uncertain terms
Trump should stop his sham trials; the courts’ harsh denials
Show truth isn’t spread, only germs

A week since we got what we needed
And yet Donald still hasn’t conceded
Spinning tales about fraud while his minions applaud
And Joe Biden transitions, impeded

Trump can’t stop the false accusations
They’re the crux of his newest donations
But then read the fine print; he will make a small mint
By the order of his operations

This morning, news sources projected
Joe and Kamala will be elected
Not the blowout they wanted; we still may be haunted
By Mitch and his goons, as expected

But today, let’s rejoice in the win
For the arduous work we put in
And the broad coalition that shared in our mission
To stop 1930s Berlin

Limericks of Resistance

“There once was a con man from Queens…” I do not stand with 45 and #Resist with a limerick each day. www.danpardo.com

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